Busy, Busy, Busy, BUSY! That’s all I ever am. This week I had the opportunity to play at a new venue called the Row. After playing the first song in my set, I knew that this would become my new favorite place to play in Nashville. The audience is there to listen to new upcoming artists and enjoy original music. I really feel at home on a stage when I am playing the songs I have lived through and written. One man had been sitting in the crowd and he started singing the lyrics to one of my songs. I do not think he knew it before seeing me perform, but it was catchy enough for him to start singing along. One of the biggest smiles swept across my face. I am looking forward to the many more shows I plan on playing at the Row.

I also took part in the “Nashville Rising” contest this week at 360 Burger. Unfortunately I did not win, but it was another great opportunity to play and get my music out in this town. Winning is not everything here in Nashville. Artists who are pursuing a career in music understand that. Not every person is going to fall in love with you. You are not going to win approval from every listener. If you get the chance to play out live in this town that should be enough. You should feel like a winner just for the opportunity. There are so many musicians out their wanting that chance to share their music.

This week I have just realized how blessed I am to be in Nashville. Doors are starting to open and people are starting to notice all the hard work I have been putting into my music. This week I will be returning to both venues! I will be singing some songs at The Row on Thursday September 11 at 8pm and at 360 Burger on Wednesday September 17 at 7pm. Your support means everything to me, so thank you!