“I grew up in Clinton, New Jersey, a small town that is not particularly known for appreciating country music.  As a child, I wore cowboy boots with sundresses, much to the astonishment of my teachers and classmates.

Over the years I spent countless hours singing songs and practicing my acting skills as I took on various roles in school play productions.  Though I enjoyed acting, music would prove to be my first love.

Little did I know that one instrument would have such a profound effect on me that it would put me on the path to pursue music professionally.  It all started with my first guitar.  It was purchased by my father from a yard sale just around the corner from our house. I first picked up the guitar at the age of fifteen and I haven’t put it down since.  I not only used that guitar to play my favorite artists’ songs, but I was also inspired to write many songs myself.

As I was finishing High School and entering adulthood, my passion for music only grew.  I became so enamored with the idea of sharing my love for country music with the world that when the time came to choose which college I would attend, I chose Lipscomb University, located in Nashville, TN – the capital of the country music industry. Lipscomb University not only provided me with a solid education but also a great opportunity to pursue my passion for country music.

Once in Nashville, I immediately felt at home.  Not only did I embrace my new college life, but I was also able to explore my musical abilities in an area where country music is king.  My talent for playing guitar, singing and songwriting have opened many doors for me as a singer/songwriter.  I had the opportunity to not only perform for my classmates at Lipscomb, but also at Tootsies Orchard Lounge, Rippy’s BBQ, The Commodore Grill, The Tin Roof, The Listening Room, Puckett’s Grocery, Hotel Indigo, Cafe Coco and The Row. It is at these venues that I learned how to be comfortable and, more importantly, have fun in front of an audience.  Now, performing has become as much a part of me as the music itself.  My cowboy boots sure do some stomping and my eyes sure do sparkle when sharing the stories of my life!  If I can write and perform songs that can relate to the people in the audience, then my job is done and I am extremely happy.

Not only have I opened doors for opportunities to play shows, I have also spent time focusing hard on my dreams of becoming a writer.  I joined NSAI within the first month of living in Nashville.  A short year later I decided to become a member of ASCAP.  I spend time writings songs by herself, but also enjoys the thrill of co-writing.  Songwriting for me has just become a really honest process. I am known to tell the story behind each song when playing shows.  I believe it is important that everybody knows how real some of the words are.

I love my hometown and I frequently visit New Jersey to spend time with my family and friends.  I enjoy bringing my music home and playing at the Riverside Café, the very first place where she performed in Clinton.  I also participate in the “Come Together” Music Festival during the summer in New Jersey.  It is always a good time playing for all those who have been supporting me for so long.

I’m determined and dedicated to sharing my music with the world.  Music is a part of me and sharing it with people like you is my ultimate goal.”

Ashley Scire … “Live”