Welllll….this past week back in Nashville has been fun. On New Year’s Eve I lost my phone in a crowd of 125,000 people down on Broadway. Luckily the sweetest people live in Nashville and I got a call at 3am that night saying that my phone was located and the wonderful stranger who found it would like to give it back to me. Also two days later I went to start my car and the battery was dead. After getting a jump my father told me to take the car on a nice long drive, so I did out to Franklin. I went into Walmart to buy all my groceries and when I came back out my car wouldn’t start again. I had to call AAA and wait about 2 hours. It also started to rain. Today I brought my car in to get fixed and was told the service would last about an hour. I went through three and a half episodes of Greys anatomy. To reward myself I decided to grab lunch at steak and shake. I waited in the drive thru line for 50 min just to get three chicken nuggets and a chocolate shake. 2015 has started out great….ha yah.

But seriously with all this bad luck I have had some really great things happen in the first five days of the New Year. Out of the five days I have played three shows already here in Nashville. I have also written a new sassy tune which I can’t wait to share with y’all. There are a lot more shows coming up! Make sure to check my website and my Facebook. All show dates will be posted on there. Thanks y’all for all the support you showed me last year. Can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store!