Balance. A word I am struggling massively with this semester. As most y’all know I am in school trying to get my undergraduate degree in Elementary Education. I am not planning on using it, but I do want to have a degree in something. Well this semester school is kicking my butt. My days are never ending. I spend hours in school during the day and then I play shows at night. So when do I do homework….never. This week I had the opportunity to play for somebody’s rehearsal dinner. It was just crazy getting to celebrate with all these people who came from all over the country.

Also this week I had the opportunity to pitch a song to Warner Music Nashville. What an amazing opportunity. For those of you who don’t know, Warner Music represents Blake Shelton, Brett Eldridge, Cole Swindell, Dan and Shay, Gloriana, HUNTER HAYES, Jana Kramer and many more. I am a member of NSAI so they do pitches every so often. Basically you sit in a room with a bunch of other people and the representative will play the song for about a minute. They will either keep it or pass it. So right now my song “Tough Guy” is in the hands of all those pretty people mentioned earlier. Something may or may not happen; it’s just crazy that I was given such a big opportunity.

A new song was also posted on my Facebook within the last week or so! Boys can be mean people and I am not gonna let them get away when they treat a girl wrong. The boy who I wrote it for always said he wanted a song. Well I hope you wanted your name in the title cause that’s what you got. Make sure to head on over there and check it out! Also make sure you check some of my show dates for this week!