Currently lying on my couch at home in New Jersey and catching up on life in general. It has been a crazy past few months in Nashville. I have had the opportunity to play SO MANY shows in Nashville and I look forward to playing many more as I head back in the next few days.

I have been so excited to tell y’all but I am officially moving down to Nashville. I will be moving into my apartment within the next month and I am beyond thrilled. Nashville has been extremely cold this winter. We have suffered through ice storms and snow storms. I am from up North, so yes I am used to it, but it does not mean I enjoy it. Here are some pretty pictures from one of our snow days. Along with the ice and snow came being trapped at school. So I had plenty of time to write a lot of great songs.

Last night I went into the studio to just get some demo’s done of all my new stuff. As I was singing all the songs I couldn’t help but share every single story behind every song. Everyone was a flashback. I am excited for y’all to hear the new stuff. A lot of it is extremely personal, but that is what makes it so special. As a writer, I write songs because I have to. It helps bring closure to situations. Even if it is a hard break, I am thankful for the emotions because it helps me write songs.

Another really exciting thing that’s been going on….Allison Bray, who was a finalist on The Voice, will be cutting a song that Laurel Taylor and I wrote. Make sure y’all check her out and stay tuned for her EP!

Make sure y’all stay tuned for some of the songs I have been working on! Also always I can’t thank you enough for the love and support.