Music Notes

Tough Guy:

I like to think that when a relationship ends, the girl is not the only one crying.  This song was in the Nashville Songwriters Association International Top 40 in 2014.

This Storm is Crazy:

Crazy ex girlfriends are only crazy because they put up with crazy for so long.  I try not to write really angry songs, but it happens.  I had been in a relationship that was just so up and down.  One day we liked each other and the next we barely existed in each others worlds.  When it finally ended all this anger was just released.


As i keep getting older, I keep learning that break-ups are one of the worst things a person can live through.  I have also learned that there is nothing out there that can make them hurt less or stop them from happening.


The movies always have the boy throwing rocks at the girls window to get her attention, but in a good way.  Well, this song is the exact opposite.  I had gone through a break-up and wanted to go wreck everything this person had, including the windows on their house.  Instead of going to break glass I wrote a song.  It had the same satisfaction, because deep down this person knows this song was written for them.

Ain’t For Sellin’:

I got this idea one day after passing a yard sale here in Tennessee.  The typical definition of a yard sale in the South is profit off of junk and that is what this yard sale had going on.

Memory’s Still With Me:

This song took me fifteen minutes to write and it is one of my favorites.  Last summer I watched one of my own relationships just crash and burn.  We used to just drive around town and go way over the speed limit.  I would always look to my side and he would be right there.  It all ended a few days before I headed back to Nashville, and  I remember looking at the shotgun seat next to me and knowing that it was the perfect time to pick up and move along.

My Last:

Everybody always thinks of “the last time” as a negative, but I think in love it can be the exact opposite.  This song is about falling way to hard and way to fast for somebody who wasn’t my last but at the time I thought he was.

Boys Will:

This is my “I hate boys song”.  I think every girl artist out there needs one.  You just get to a point in life where every boy you encounter is after you for some game.  Also the title of this song has some special meaning to it. If you know me you get it!

Goodbye Is Cheap:

I remember writing this song and being in tears.  I had gone through a break-up and I had no desire to even face the person.  He called asking for his stuff back so I put it in the mail.  I remember using an old box and shoving his sweatshirt (that i had soaked in my perfume) into it.  The box was in pretty bad shape and was extremely full.  I walked it down to the post-office and the post man was like um this is not going to work.  I had been crying all day and  said it has to work.  I went rambling on about how I could not see what was inside of the box again, so he put my box (which was falling apart) inside a bigger box.  He must have thought I was crazy…but the box did arrive on a Thursday Night.  Every single word in this song is true and that’s what makes it mean so much to me.

My Side of Town:

This is a great example of writing a song in a moment, and living through the hard times, but coming out a stronger person.  Shocker, somebody hurt my heart and I wrote a song about it.  The lesson I learned was to never fall too fast, because people have the option of leaving and a lot of times they do, even if they say they won’t.

For You:

I wrote this one when I was in high school because I had a tiny crush on a guy who was leaving the country.  I was actually at work when I came up with the idea.  Its funny because I saw him around a few years later.

Dear California:

This song for me is brutal honesty.  I wrote it for somebody who was leaving.  I remember being in a writers room knowing who I wanted to write about but I wasn’t sure how I wanted to write.  Some songs just can’t bring people back.

How the Story Goes:

For me goodbyes have always been tough.  I really was fascinated with the idea of saying hello to somebody in one place and saying goodbye to the same person in the same place.  Whenever I sing this song memories just come rushing back.

Settin’ a Fire in me:

One of my favorite songs to play hands down.  There is just so much energy and life in the words.  I’ve been in the footsteps of falling quickly for somebody over the summer and being completely happy.

Our Last Song:

This song will always hold a special place in my heart.  I wrote this when i was a sophomore in high school.  It was the first song I felt comfortable playing in front of people and it has opened so many doors for me.  I have never lost love like this but some people have. We may not have as much time as we think we do to live so its important to embrace and love those who we care about.

Bad Idea:

Not only is this one of my favorite songs, it is written with one of my favorites!  Kristy Freund and I were hanging out late at Lipscomb University in a staircase one night writing some music. When you are falling for somebody you forget about all the bad things people tell you about that person.

One Flat Tire:

For some reason I always have a car in my song.  This idea just came into my head one day.  I think people can fall in love anywhere and this song proves it.

Say Goodbye

I hate goodbyes.  I feel like they just get harder as I get older.